Unimpeachable documentation of all processes and procedures. Transparently and in accurate accordance with your specifications.


Enjoy the comforting knowledge to have total control over the entire production life cycle of your product. We fully understand that an unbroken chain of documentation is essential. Expect nothing less than correct, complete, current and consistent information. For lifelong and complete traceability of documents we have implemented ELO, a most professional document management system.

For seamless integration into your quality system benefit from:

  • First article inspection reports
  • Proper in-process inspections
  • Documentation according to your specifications
  • Convenient and precise traceability of all product relevant data
  • Takeover of your documents on request

Seamless Traceability 

The documented data ensure full traceability across the entire instrument or implant life cycle.
From the word „go“, we will set up an overhead document that reflects the entire production chain. Once entered in our system, every information will remain there forever:

  • Determination of production steps for manufacturing
  • Meticulous monitoring of all measurements
  • Measurement equipment
  • Exact definition of every machine
  • Qualification
  • Validation
  • Document numbers for every step