We respect your standards. Reduce warranty claims and recall risks and benefit from our holistic validation efforts to ensure that all industry and customer requirements are successfully fulfilled.

Validation for predictable results

To ensure security and repeatability we incorporate the standards required by our customers into our in-house procedures – as if it was our own responsibility. Every critical process is validated. Our concept of installation qualification, operation qualification, and process qualification guarantees qualified machinery as well as accurate accordance with your specifications.

IQ: The machine has been constructed, installed, and commissioned in accordance with the applicable regulations, required performance and specifications.

OQ: The functions of all operations performed by the machine meet the required specifications.

PQ: The entire process functions smoothly and can be reproduced over several product series within the required limit values.

Of course, our customers can provide their own instructions. Process steps, work processes, criteria for use of material, or packaging – no matter what your requirements are. JakuTec is more than your extended workbench, we are your ally in a challenging market.