Every batch production starts with a prototype or small series. With your trust in JakuTec prototyping expertise you will benefit from us having the complete system overview once the numbers go up.



Tackling the challenges: Launching a successful batch production on the market requires to move forward fast once the initial idea has proved reasonable. Nevertheless, the motto should be „make more speed with less haste“. Precision and safety are even in more demand when you want to confirm your idea works in practice, with proof of concept. Our experts for prototyping will manufacture your product with the same attention and professional knowledge that you would expect from every JakuTec project. Having a design and prototype is just the beginning of the process. And keeping up-to-date with the latest requirements is important in today’s world of international standards. Prototype manufacture at JakuTec includes the production related regulatory documentation as well as the predefined inspection plans. This leaves you perfectly prepared for the next steps.

small series